We need to make sure that families that want to keep living here can afford to do so. We have reached a crisis point with home values rising 3.5X’s faster than incomes and people being pushed out of town. That is wrong. I personally sat down with dozens of publicKnow More

Our Future: Education

Education is the key to Austin’s continued success.  We have a moral imperative to give our children the tools they need to succeed.  Helping Austin to have the best schools must be part of the Mayor’s job – especially when those in charge in the State Capitol fail to makeKnow More

Traffic Congestion

It’s time to get Austin moving. It’s time to stop talking and start acting. We have nearly two million people in the Austin metropolitan area and we will have four million people in 25 to 30 years.  When that day comes, I can’t imagine an Austin without an integrated transportationKnow More

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A New Way Forward for Public Education in Austin

STEVE ADLER, CANDIDATE FOR AUSTIN MAYOR, PROPOSES EXTENSIVE EDUCATION AGENDA For the first time, an Austin mayoral candidate is making education one of his highest priorities. “Few things are more important to a city’s well-being and future than education. Now more than ever, our teachers and schools need the supportRead More

AUSTIN MONITOR: Steve Adler Releases ‘Affordability Agenda’

Written by Jo Clifton — Mayoral candidate Steve Adler promises to help Austin’s “neglected middle class” in an eight-point affordability agenda that will be released today. The Adler campaign released a copy of that agenda to the Austin Monitor on Monday. This is a brief description of the agenda. NoRead More

Steve Adler Announces Affordability Initiative for Seniors & Disabled in Returning Free Bus Service

It is time to return free fixed-route bus service back to seniors and the disabled.  (AUSTIN) – Today mayoral candidate Steve Adler is announcing the second initiative in his robust plan to make Austin more affordable. By returning free fixed-route bus service to seniors and the disabled, Adler’s proposal providesRead More

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Busy night – Diane and I marched in Austin’s Pride Parade and I emceed Ballet Austin’s Fete event to continue to support arts education in our..

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