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Dec. 16th Austin Runoff Voter’s Guide

HOW TO VOTE IN AUSTIN How do I make sure I vote Steve Adler for Mayor on my ballot? Compared to the ballot for the November 4 election, the runoff ballot is far shorter.  This ballot will only present choices for Austin Community College Board Trustee, City of Austin Mayor,Read More

Asian Americans for Steve Adler

The diverse Asian American population of Austin is the fastest growing minority in the city.[1] From 2000-2013, the city’s Asian American community increased by 76 percent. While some sectors of the community report high levels of education and economic security, still others, particularly within refugee communties, report difficulty with transportation,Read More

Moving All Communities Forward: Austin’s African American Heritage

The African American community of Austin has been hit hard by rising costs and inequities and it is causing many residents to leave the city they call home. Austin is experiencing an affordability crisis and many of our residents are struggling with economic hardship. Every resident across the city hasRead More


We need to make sure that families that want to keep living here can afford to do so. We have reached a crisis point with home values rising 3.5X’s faster than incomes and people being pushed out of town. That is wrong. I personally sat down with dozens of publicKnow More

Our Future: Education

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FULL PDF “Education is the key to Austin’s continued success. We have a moral imperative to give our children the tools they need to succeed. Helping Austin to have the best schools is a critical part of the Mayor’s job – especially when those in charge atKnow More

Traffic Congestion

It’s time to get Austin moving. It’s time to stop talking and start acting. We have nearly two million people in the Austin metropolitan area and we will have four million people in 25 to 30 years.  When that day comes, I can’t imagine an Austin without an integrated transportationKnow More

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  • @CarmaATX This is just a start! Definitely interested in getting more people out of their cars.

This morning, City Manager Marc Ott, Council Member Ann Kitchen, and I announced a series of short-term, mid-term, and long-term initiatives..

4 days ago


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